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Frequently Asked Questions


We assemble our buildings on site so they will arrive as the precision-cut logs wrapped up in packs that are easy to move around and position. This means we can access the most awkward sites for your build. Hand Crafted Cabins will again be created on site.

How long does my home take to build?

The logs are prepared in the factory in Finland before being delivered to the UK and this takes 6-12 weeks. Once in the UK the outside of the build takes 1-2 weeks and then the inside takes 2-6 weeks.

can i modify a design?

Here at Finlog we manufacture all our own buildings individually so we can amend a design without a problem to cope with any special requirements you may have. Get in touch above with any queries you may have.

Are Finlog Mobile Cabins built to Full Residential Regulations.?

Yes, Infact all Finlog Buildings are built to surpass the British Building Standards BS3632 by a long way. Finlog build everything to the highest quality so it will last for years.

Can I live in a Finlog Home all year round.?

The simple answer is yes! At Finlog we manufacture all our homes to the very highest standards so they will be cosy and warm all winter and cool in the summer so ideal for all year use.

Where can i see a Finlog building?

We have a collection of Log Cabin Homes fully fitted for you to view at our HQ near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. Here you can view both standard log and Hand Crafted log. Please call to make an appointment.  0800 123 14 15