Finlog, Trada and BM TRADA

‘Finlog have been members of Trada for many years, contributing many thousands of pounds to this ‘non profit making organisation’.

But as you probably know they also have a commercial arm called ‘BM Trada’ which they try and tell you they have nothing to do with. They are in fact closely linked.

BM Trada is a  commercial profit making company, they can and will act against a Trada member without any notice or fear of conflict.

They will construct a report against a member while happily taking your not insignificant subscription from you.

In my case, the report was written for a client in which I had a dispute. The report was wholly vindictive and based solely on a clients version of the facts, which as it turned out was found to be, not the truth.

My clients case against me collapsed, the Trada report was found to be just plain wrong, misinformed, badly written and showed a deep lack of understanding in the subject in which he was paid a lot of money to write and give an ‘expert opinion on.

At no time did Trada or BM Trada make any attempt to contact me, and although I was promised by Trada that Trada would ‘look into it’ nothing ever happened apart from Trada then attempting to tell me that they were  completely separate to BM Trada.

This episode has cost me many thousands of pounds to defend, had it not been for the fact I had taken many photos of our progress I would have probably lost the case. Solely due to the BM Trada report.
As it is, I was able to collect my debt from my client.

I will never be compensated for my time or the money it cost me to defend my company and its reputation. In a time when all small businesses and their owners struggle with the work- life balances, cash flows and all the other pressures the last thing we need is an association that we relied on for advice and help, making our life harder than it already is.

The author of the report and the people around him seem to have no idea of what it is actually like to have to provide wages for their staff, provide for their families, keep on the right side of HMRC and PAYE, abide by all the new regulations as long as their wage is paid into their account every week they are more than happy to go about their life in blissful ignorance of all who gets in their way.’