Log Leisure Buildings

Finlog can cover an existing pool or as part of a new build project. We have recently completed a number of private and commercial projects that could by appointment be viewed and as you could see are beautiful buildings to spend time in and entertain friends and family.

Nothing else looks quite like a Finlog pool enclosure. In our experience the best log to use for this purpose is the Finlog laminated 88mm flat log. This allows the wood to breath but still holds a very good insulation value. The temperature differential can be extreme so the lamination holds the wood together to stop (splitting) and warping. A 8 part roofing system stops a high proportion of condensation and hence hard water staining, we recommend the use of 'Velux' type roof window as these have a thermal break built in and can be opened on warm summer days. Attached or integral changing rooms, plant room, sauna/steam and gym can all be designed into the project. A choice of exterior colours can be chosen and only needs re-coating (after a light sand down and wash) every five years. For the inside of the log we recommend a breathable hard wax coating (originally) designed for floors. This will last the harsh pool atmosphere, whether and salt water pool or chlorine based for around 10 years, dependent on use. We also recommend a rubber (playground) type floor covering, this is very safe, hygienic and allows for drainage due to its open structure and comes in a range of colours.

Lighting is very important for creating the right atmosphere. Two or more circuits can be used for different mood lighting. This can be included in the project or we can liase with your own contractor, the choice is yours.

A Finlog pool enclosure will add a new dimension to enjoying life as well as increase the value of your property - unlike an outdoor pool!

Some companies will try to sell you a 45mm log pool house, Finlog advise strongly against this as we believe 88mm is the minimum that should be recommended for a pool house.


Log Gyms & Saunas

Finlog can custom fit your gym/sauna into your home or garden.  The perfect place to train and relax, and no monthly charge!  Integral sauna, steam room and shower? no problem.  The people from Finlog can install your log gym from start to finish, the only thing we don’t do is supply the gym equipment, we leave that to you.