Finnish Log Homes, Log Houses

Log homes are not only the stuff of dreams, they are probably the most ‘green’ energy efficient type of home you can build but you probably realise that as you are reading this.  We have been building and manufacturing log homes for many generations now and can offer a design service, planning advice and applications and a full build service.  So from the ground up we can offer the complete service.

Finlog can build with a solid log wall thick enough to pass the insulation regulations or we can use a thinner log with an insulation wall inside and now we can also offer a twin log wall with an insulation cavity between them.  We can  use natural insulation products that allow the whole building to ‘breath’.  This means that you have a more natural environment in which to live.  This results in your home working as a big air conditioner, it regulates the moisture so becomes easier to heat in winter and keep cool in summer.  Unlike modern bricks and mortar houses, wood houses do not produce electrostatic charges that raise and produce dust, so is especially welcome by allergy sufferers.

Sound insulation on our log building is FAR better that dense concrete products due to the structure of the wood, this means noise outside, stays outside.  For more information on insulation, sound insulation, fire protection and u-values please request on our enquiries page or phone the office for a wood guide or see the new part L of the Building Regulations and Part E acoustic insulation.

On the right are some examples of homes we have built in the UK, France and Tahiti.

Finlog can organise a trip to Finland to stay in a Finnish log house and a factory tour for those interested in the nuts and bolts of log house manufacturing.

Please contact Rob Sheridan to arrange a site visit or call for a chat on your project.