Example Log Home Prices

Here are a few examples of Log Homes, Log Mobile Homes, Commercial Log buildings and Garden Log buildings, please be aware that these are only approximate costs can vary widely. For example foundations could cost half the amount or 5 times as much depending wholly on site conditions and location. If you chose to carry out some of the work yourself then you can dramatically reduce the costs.

The examples I have shown are in a variety of log sizes, but all buildings are available in all log sizes from 88mm machine flat log, round logs and even hand scribed log.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to give me a call. Robert Sheridan, MD.

Log Home Fishawk, 110mm laminated log, 121sqm

Log home kit £60,000.00
Groundwork  £10,000.00
Planning and building Regulation work £18,000.00
Labour 1st fix  £18,000.00
Labour 2nd fix  £15,000.00
Roofing supply and fix   £7,000.00
Plumbingabd heating £9,000.00
Electrics £7,000.00
Kitchen  £11,000.00
Bathroom  £4,000.00
Floor coverings £9,000.00
Total   £168,000.00


Suffolk Mobile Log Home 88mm laminated Log, 85sqm

Log home kit £59,000.00
To qualify for zero rate vat and to comply with BS3632 we cannot ‘supply only’ these types of building.  
Delivery £3,200.00
Groundwork  £5,000.00
Planning if needed £2,000.00
Plumbing and heating £6,500.00
Electrics £4,500.00
Kitchen  £7,000.00
Bathrooms  £4,000.00
Floor coverings  £3,000.00
Interior, exterior treatments  included
Roofing, included
Total   £94,000.00


East London Community Project, 200mm Hand scribed Log, 144sqm

Log kit supply only  £58,000.00
Groundwork  £20,000.00
Labour full build    £30,000.00
Crane hire £7,500.00
Round door  £2,500.00
Green roof   £15,000.00
Plumbing and heating £6,500.00
Electrics   £5,500.00
Scaffolding  £2,500.00
Total £147,000.00


Farm Café 12x12m 88mm Laminated Log, 144sqm

Log Kit £50,000.00
Delivery £3,500.00
Building reg work £10,000.00
Groundwork  £20,000.00
Labour, full build  £25,000.00
Forklift  £2,500.00
Log treatments  £4,000.00
Kitchen  £18,000.00
Serving counter £3,000.00
Flooring £4,500.00
Total £140,500.00


Garden building Waxwing 88mm laminated log, 35sqm

Log kit  £20,000.00
Delivery £1,500.00
Groundwork  £5,500.00
Labour £7,000.00
Bar  £1,500.00
Log treatments £1,800.00
Electrics £2,500.00
Shower Pod £1,400.00
Real wood sauna £3,500.00
Total £44,700.00