Mobile Log Home for Alpaca Owners

Finlog were contacted by Mr & Mrs Edmundson over two years ago as they were seeking planning on their smallholding in Hertfordshire for a log home. During this period they started to breed Alpacas on their land as this can potentially help in the process of gaining of planning permission; in this case initially for a mobile log building. Alpacas are regarded as livestock that need full time care as opposed to horses that do not qualify as livestock. 

After discussions with Finlog and taking our advice they opted for a transportable log home.  Our client thoroughly investigated the log cabin market and chose two companies to quote on their new log home.  Finlog won the contract to supply a 120sqm transportable mobile log home.  Finlog were contracted to supply, deliver and build the shell of the log home.  This involved unloading the artic that came direct from the Finlog factory, constructing the log walls (88mm laminated pine), erecting the rafter roof system and installing the exterior doors and windows.  This process took our team two weeks to complete. 

This allowed the clients to finish off the interior of the building themselves to their own specification.  Plumbers and electricians worked alongside Glenn Edmundson and his friend Steve to complete the log building in around four weeks.

As the pictures show the whole process was finished off with a good ole fashioned knees up!

Mobile Log Home Project Brief

  • Design the home within ‘the definition of a mobile home to BS3632’.
  • The home is to have:
    • four bedrooms
    • 1 en-suite
    • office
    • separate lounge-dining room
    • kitchen
  • The mobile log home needed to be capable of being converted into a fully compliant home meeting building regulations in the future.

Building Plan

  • Insulation - 50mm celotex taped joints + 150mm Rockwool in ceilings.
  • 50mm celotex + 100mm Rockwool in floor.
  • Doors and windows – Building control compliant.

Finlog Copyright Floor Plan - Mobile Log Home for alpaca smallholding