Log Classroom / Building
Oakley School - Tunbridge Wells

Finlog recently won the contract to supply Oakley School in Tunbridge Wells with an extra log classroom / conference centre. The school has a program for teaching special needs staff, and needed a space that would be not only a relaxing environment for teaching the children but also the adults and for holding functions too.

The building is made from our 88mm laminated log and is constructed to full building regulations. As a part of the tender process we had to design a scheme that would cause minimum damage to the forest floor and when completed would have little or no negative environmental impact.  We used galvanised steel piles screwed into the ground to at least 2m depth. We have designed the cabin to be wheelchair friendly and when the rubber topped deck is installed it will be a pleasure to use.

We are on time and on budget and will be finished before the Christmas break. I will post some finished pictures soon. Robert

Building Plan

Finlog Copyright Floor Plan - Log Classroom for Oakley School Tunbridge Wells