Chertsey Log Home on the River Thames

Finlog was approached by Runnymede Council to provide a solution to an issue that had arisen when a row of mobile homes were too close together for them to issue a site licence.  Many solutions were sought before they contacted Finlog.

Director of Finlog, Robert Sheridan set about designing a Transportable log home that not only complied with BS3632 but also to certain parts of the Building regulations.  We had to comply to the building regulation that covers  spread of flame regulations to ensure if one of the homes caught fire, this would not spread to the adjoining units.

With a combination of methods Finlog used fire retardant on the log walls, fire stop glass on the windows and metal gutters and roofing.  This was not the only design brief though, we also had to
(as the site is on a bend in the River Thames) make the most of the cake slice shaped space.  You can see on the floor plan how we designed the log mobile home.  The log mobile homes on this site are manufactured in our own factory in Finland using our 88mm laminated redwood pine.  This is particularly suited to this project as this variety of pine is very dense and close grain and as a result is very strong, an excellent insulator and is naturally fire resistant.  We could also have built these from our 110, 134, 180, 202 and 240mm laminated logs, round logs or hand scribed logs.  The log choice is a client decision.

We have now replaced two out of twelve with more due to start soon.

Design Brief

  • To: Comply with BS3632 and also certain building regulations.
  • Satisfy Environmental Health regulations in order for an issuing of a site licence.

Design Plan

Mobile Log Cabin Floor Plan