About Finlog - UK

FinlogRobert Sheridan has been involved in the log building industry for over 20 years, he established Finlog in the 1990’s to bring a quality to the UK he thought was lacking.  In the early 1990 Robert initially building log buildings from companies in the US, Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Finland, directly for his clients.  After a year in the industry he felt there was a need to establish a ‘factory to finish’ company.  Robert and his wife Sharon set about the establishment up of Finlog.  After a few years of travelling from Lands End to Shetland and beyond to places as far as Tahiti to build his log buildings he was approached by a client of his who expressed a keen desire to start constructing buildings himself.  This led to building Finlog buildings in the North of England and Scotland and to the start of Finlog North to cover the area.  Finlog North, under the umbrella of Finlog now covers this area, with husband and wife team.

We all are looking forward to the next 12 months trading and welcome any enquiries from anywhere in the world!

Finlog is a trading name of Home Pools Ltd, we have been trading since the year 2000 without interruption.
Finlog and Home Pools Ltd are registered with Companies house, No 4133547
Finlog is a registered trade mark No 2524181
If you have any queries regarding the above please call me, Robert Sheridan on 08458 12 13 14.

It has come to my attention that although ‘FINLOG’ is our register trade mark others are using our good name for their advantage, this has resulted in some people losing large amounts of money.

  • PLEASE do an in depth search at companied house
  • Please visit some of their clients to view their work, try and find out where the director lives,
  • If they try and keep any of this information from you, be suspicious.

Building your own home or cabin should be an enjoyable, involving experience, just start it in the right way!